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“A Grown-up approach to treating Anorexia” (article)

Adults with anorexia often have distinctive traits that lock them into a destructive relationship with food. Carrie Arnold discovers how those same traits could help them escape it.

Heather Purdin had run out of options. Aged 33, she had been suffering from anorexia nervosa for more than two decades and her weight had plummeted to that of a small child, an all-time low for her. Her case worker, out of frustration and desperation, suggested hospice care as a way to spend her remaining days in relative comfort. But for the first time in years, Heather was sure of one thing: she desperately wanted to live.

This article first appeared on Mosaic and is republished here under a Creative Commons licence.

This gives me hope.


Transformation Photos


. . . Where are the transformation photos of you out with your friends at the bar?

of the transformation photos moving into your new apartment?

or the transformation photos of you with your degree?

Title: Transformation Photos

Author: Meg

where are the transformation photos that show a change in vitals? or the transformation photos that show an increase in your bone density? or the transforma…

Source: Transformation Photos