What it really is.

Beating Eating Disorders

Author: Anonymous
Title: What it really is.

Disclaimer: This blog post may be triggering to some readers.

Anorexia is not flaunted collarbones, and black and white thinspo on your computer screen. Anorexia is placing your entire worth as a person on a number dictated by a set of scales, and believing that others judge you by the same method. Anorexia is a voice in your head that constantly screams at you that you are too fat, too big, take up too much space; that you must shrink yourself in order to be acceptable. Anorexia is constantly comparing yourself to people, and always coming out worse. Anorexia is not happiness, or doing everything you planned to once you’d lost that little bit of weight. Anorexia is turning down invitations to restaurants and coffee shops and holidays and parties. It’s losing every friend you ever had as you isolate yourself from the…

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